Hibiscus Princess Earrings


Hibiscus Princess E/R

Plain (No black)


Hibiscus Princess E/R w/black enamel

How to order Hibiscus Princess E/R:

You will need the information below to get a quote from us and then order your custom-made hand-crafted Hawaiian Hibiscus Princess Earrings:​

  1. The width of the Earrings: 6mm, 8mm. 10mm or 12mm. ,

  2. Borders style, with or without black borders,

  3. Earring back post only or post with clip (French clips, pictured)

Please call/email for more information​.

Hawaiian Hibiscus Princess Earrings are in 14K gold only.



Please send email to us if your need more information or you would like to order it. Mahalo!

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