Hawaiian Pendants

Customized Hand-crafted Hawaiian Pedants

Precious 14K Hawaiian Heirloom vertical Pendants with your name. 14K Yellow gold, 1.5mm thickness, Barrel outside to have the gorgeous looking of those traditional Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry. Your name can be in English or in Hawaiian, and it can be engraved in black enamel, in raised gold letters or in raised with enamel letters.

14K, 6mm, 1.25 in.  ----> $199.00 (or Stering Silver $89.00)

14K, 8mm, 1.25 in.  ----> $249.00 (or Stering Silver $119.00)

14K, 10mm, 1.50 in.  ---> $379.00 (or Stering Silver $149.00)




Black Enamel & Diamond cuts


Raised Letters w/ Flower


Raised Enamel Letters

Borders Style


Plain Borders


Diamond Cut Borders


Black Borders

How to order your customized hand-crafted Hawaiian pendant:

You will need the information below to get a quote from us and then order your custom-made hand-crafted Hawaiian pendant:​

  1. The width of the pendant: 6mm, 8mm. 10mm or 12mm. Wider pendant could be ordered, please call for details.

  2. The Name & letters style, name could be your name or your name in Hawaiian.

  3. Borders style

The standard size of the pendant is 1.25 inch​es, if your name is more than 6 letters, we'll need to go with longer 1.5 inches.

Please call/email for more information​.

Please let us know if you would like your pendant in 14K, 14K white gold or in Sterling Silver & we'll let you know the cost accordingly.


Please send email to us if your need more information or you would like to order it. Mahalo!

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