Hawaiian Bracelets

Customized Hand-crafted Hawaiian Bracelets

This is a customized hand-crafted & traditional Hawaiian Heirloom bracelets, with name and design of your choices.

Beautiful Hawaiian heirloom bracelet with the design of your choice, the Plumeria flowers on each side of your name or on each side of the word "Kuuipo" which means "My Sweetheart" in Hawaiian. Yellow 14K gold, oval shape, 1.25mm or 1.5mm thickness, barrel outside to have the gorgeous looking of those traditional Hawaiian Bracelets. Your name can be in English or in Hawaiian, and it can be engraved in black enamel, in raised gold letters or in raised with enamel letters. 

Price for a 14K, size 7.5, 1.25mmm thickness, gold price at $1,750.00/Oz:

6mm (width) ----- $969.00

8mm (width) ----- $1,249.00

10mm (width) ---- $1,539.00



Lettering  (Name) Style

BR 18 BE 2.jpg

Black Enamel Letters


Raised Letters

brac 15mm BR.jpg

Raised Enamel Letters


BR 12 Princess.jpg

Plain Borders

Diamond cut Borders

BR 10 6 DC.jpg
BR Maile CO.jpg

Cut Out


Black Borders

Fern Scrolling Design


Hibiscus Design


Queen Emma Design


Sea Turtles/Honus & Dolphins Design


Humpback Whales & Tails Design


Hawaiian Tropical Flowers


Bracelet's size

Maile design


Plumeria Design


Princess Design


This is how to measure your hand size for the Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelets.


How to order your Hawaiian Bracelets:

You will need the information below to get a quote from us and then order your custom-made hand-crafted Hawaiian Bracelet:

  1. Your hand/bracelet size,

  2. The width of the bracelet: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm. 10mm or 12mm. Wider bracelet could be ordered, please call for details.

  3. The Name & letters style, name could be your name or your name in Hawaiian.

  4. The design and borders style

  5. Also engraving inside if you would like to something engraved inside of the bracelet.

Please call/email for more information​.

Please let us know if you would like your bracelet in 14K, 14K white gold or in Sterling Silver & we'll let you know the cost accordingly.